Outgoing Students

There are many reasons to spend a semester abroad – it gives you the opportunity to:

  • get to know new people, countries and cultures
  • test your own limits and get out of your comfort zone
  • improve your job opportunities with abroad experience
  • and to play an active role in internationalizing the world

Our current partner universities are in Salford (UK), Strasbourg (F), Sevilla (S) and Soria (S).

You can receive financial support from Erasmus+, if…

  • you would like to study at one of our partner universities
  • you are a student at our institution
  • you have successfully completed the first year of study at our institution

Students receive…

  • financial support for their period of study abroad, cf. scholarships and financial support
  • academic recognition for your academic work abroad via the Diploma Supplement
  • a waiver of the registration and any other associated student fees assessed by the host institution
  • advising and cultural, language and organizational support before and during your academic stay from the Erasmus+ team at FIM and at our partner universities
  • if applicable, an online language course via Online Linguistic Support (OLS)
  • if applicable, additional financial support for accompanying children
  • if applicable, additional financial support for special needs

Length of Financially Supported Stay Abroad

A stay abroad which is financially supported by Erasmus+ can last between three and 12 months. Students can receive a maximum of 12 months of financial support for their studies or for an internship. The financial support can be split up and be taken advantage of multiple times within a given course of study (e.g. two separate stays of six months each).

Erasmus+ allows for a combination of study and internship: during the same mobility period, students can study at an institution of higher learning and also complete an internship at a company or other institution.

Scholarships and Financial Support

Erasmus+ determines scholarship award amounts according to country-specific groups:

  1. Group 1 (250 euros per month): France, Great Britain.
  2. Group 2 (200 euros per month): Spain

Selection Process

  • Students apply for Erasmus+ academic stays using the application form and submitting it the Erasmus+ coordinators at FIM
  • Selection Criteria: grades and positive feedback from the students’ teachers

What you need to do now…

After your application is accepted, you:

  • will request a leave of absence (Beurlaubung)
  • must fill out the form “personal data” and give it to the Erasmus+ team asap
  • the Learning Agreement with the partner university will be worked out and signed

At the host university, you must:

  • have the Erasmus+ Coordinator sign and stamp the “Certificate of Arrival and Departure”

Upon completion of your stay, you must:

  • give all signed Erasmus+ documents to the Erasmus+ Team

Further Information:

There are many possibilities for students to gather information about a country and get practical planning tips for your stay abroad, for example by looking at the “what our students say” section of our website.

We recommend the following webpages if you would like to prepare yourself for your stay abroad:

General information on general eligibility and the application process for current students and graduates can be found on the DAAD official website.


Erasmus+ Charter for Students 2015

Application Form FIM