Incoming Students

Welcome to Munich and to FIM!

We are ready and willing to advise you in all aspects of the ERASMUS Program and would like to help you make the most of your stay.

About FIM:

  • Since our institute is located in the center of the university district, you are sure to get the university student experience.
  • Our team of academic coordinators, as well as our students, helps tailor the program to meet the needs of every individual ERASMUS student.
  • Our students help the INCOMING students with all necessary bureaucracy (registering with the authorities, opening a German bank account, purchasing a monthly pass for public transportation, registering at the consulate, etc.) a week before the semester begins.
  • ERASMUS students can choose the subjects for the Learning Agreement themselves. Students who study at our institute during the winter semester are even able to take beginning lessons in Spanish or French.
  • Our school vacation calendar mirrors that of the rest of the Bavarian public schools. Follow the link below to view the list of our school breaks:


Any Questions? Please email us at